Thursday, April 01, 2010


By Melissa Pamer Staff Writer | Daily Breeze

04/01/2010 06:40 PM PDT -- The Los Angeles Unified School District announced Thursday that it had opened the period when parents may apply for permits to send their children to other school districts.

The timing was moved up from May 1 after an outcry from parents who are frustrated with a new transfer policy that the district hopes will return 80 percent of transfer students to LAUSD, netting $51 million in enrollment-based revenue from the state.

Students who are going in to fifth, eighth or 12th grade may still be able to obtain permits. Parents who work in other school districts are also eligible to send their children to those districts.

Cash-strapped LAUSD quietly made that policy change in February, generating a frantic response from parents who send their children to often academically higher-achieving schools outside the district.

On Tuesday, the Board of Education will weigh a resolution that would let high-schoolers complete their education at outside school districts.

For information, call the LAUSD Office of Permits and Student Transfers at 213-745-1960 or go to

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