Thursday, April 15, 2010

ED WEEK TOP STORIES: Duncan Urges Aid to Save Education Jobs, New Definition of Career Readiness, RTI's Unmet Promise, Fla. Gov. Vetoes Teacher Pay-Tenure Bill, N.Y.C. to End 'Rubber Rooms'

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Duncan Urges New Aid to Save Education Jobs

The education secretary testifies that Congress should act to help states and districts avoid massive layoffs. (April 14, 2010) | Comments (5)

Advocates Push New Definition of Career Readiness

The Association for Career and Technical Education says policymakers need to focus on career readiness as well as readiness for college. (April 15, 2010) | Comments (1)

Early-Reading Expert Laments RTI's Unmet Promise

Early-reading expert Richard Allington believes response to intervention is possibly "our last, best hope" for achieving full literacy in the United States. So why does he sound so unhopeful?


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