Monday, July 07, 2008


Daily Breeze (6/19) , Long Beach Press-Telegram (6/17) , Daily News (6/17) Letter to the Editor


Last August I was assigned to lead Dolores Street Elementary in Carson, a proud school where test scores have been falling for two years. I was to be the fourth principal in four years. Some teachers, however, have adamantly resisted changes that were clearly necessary for the good of our students.

During my 19 years as a classroom teacher and principal, I never thought I would be accused of being a tyrant for asking faculty to show up for work on time and be ready to teach. I never thought I would be forced to defend myself for ensuring that students rode to field trips on safe transportation approved by the Los Angeles Unified School District. And I certainly never thought I would be lumped in with an accused sexual predator as a "lemon" principal. I know better now.

How can the Daily Breeze believe that my competency as a principal is a moot question? It is the central question. What kind of message would it send if LAUSD officials yield to pressure from teachers and a few supportive parents who are willing to drag elementary schoolchildren into a labor-management conflict? And what kind of message would it send to 3,000 other principals and administrators who are asked daily to perform miracles at schools like Dolores Street?


Principal, Dolores Street Elementary School



smf/4LAKids notes: The 6/23 AALA (Principals'  Union) newsletter suggests the original Press-Telegram/Daily Breeze/Daily News reports were  "inflammatory editorials printed from a self-serving UTLA press release." 

The AALA editor continues: "AALA commends the Local District 8 Superintendent and the Senior Deputy Superintendent for thus far demonstrating support for Ms. Barraza. This is a classic case of a principal attempting to implement District policy at a school where some teachers feel that they have the right to circumvent policy because of their “traditions.

"Three thousand AALA members are indebted to Ms. Barraza for standing up to this unwarranted demonstration of public bullying instigated by the UTLA Harbor Area Chair. Her integrity and resolve to maintain high standards as well as District policy must be respected and appreciated."

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