Thursday, December 20, 2007

Challenging the LAUSD/I-Division/Mayor's Partnership election

There are three bases for challenging the I-Division/Mayors Partnership of Schools election

  1. FRAUD

TO DATE NO ONE HAS ALLEGED FRAUD: Not counting someone's vote, stuffing the ballot box, etc. If anyone has any evidence of this please report it.

Questions of fraud should be reported to the LAUSD Inspector General.

(from the IG website)

You can choose one of the three easy methods to report fraud, waste, and abuse:

1. COMPLETE THE ON-LINE FRAUD REPORTING FORM and submit it electronically.

2. Print the FRAUD REPORTING FORM and mail or fax it to:

LAUSD Office of the Inspector General

c/o Fraud Hotline

333 South Beaudry Avenue, 12th Floor

Los Angeles, CA 90017

Phone: (213) 241-7700 FAX: (213) 241-6826


3. Call the Fraud Hotline (213-241-7778 or toll-free 866-528-7364) and speak to an Investigator or leave a message.


  • Were parents adequately notified within the time line with the required one week notice?
    • It has been reported that parents @ Hollenbeck only got one day notice.
    • Because the final election procedures were not arrived at until 9:30 PM on Dec 6 it is doubtful notice went out one week in advance.
  • Who actually ran the election and made up the rules?
  • Why was no opposing viewpoint offered with the sample ballot?
  • Were the circulated election materials skewed towards a YES vote?
  • The elections were covered by the broadcast media and video coverage was broadcast - apparently violating election rules #7 and 11:

7. No electioneering will be allowed at the polling site or within 100 feet of the school site. Electioneering will be defined as including vote solicitation, wearing campaign paraphernalia, campaign signs, photographing voters or videotaping voters.

11. The media should not be allowed into the polling site. Media should stay more than 25 feet off the school limits to make sure that voters do not feel intimidated. Voters may not be photographed, videotaped or filmed entering or exiting the school site, and may not be filmed inside the polling location without the voter’s permission.


  • Did the I-Division have a conflict of interest?
  • Was the election truly "Fair"?


  • Some in UTLA contend that a majority of all teachers rather than just teachers who voted is required to pass (this seems to have been conceded and is the basis for a second vote)

  • Others fall back to the School Based Management voting procedures laid out in the UTLA contract - which require a supermajority of teachers. The SBM rules also specifiy a vote by staff other-than-teachers (classified). The election rules state that "existing collective bargaining agreements will be folllowed" providing the slippery slope on which to to play this game. There is an internal dispute at UTLA over whether the supermajority was ever given up and whether anyone had authority to do so. This needs to be worked out. See: 2 L.A. schools lack majorities for mayor's reform plan (Daily News)

There are also a couple of outstanding issues that I would just as soon not get into ...but other folks will. Allowing parents with multiple children to vote more than onceAllowing non-citizens to vote.

Other info and the sample ballot is posted here.

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