Sunday, November 04, 2007

The news that didn't fit from Nov 4th!

In EDUCATION REPORT CAN'T HELP UNTIL IT'S PUBLIC: Begin School Reform Debate With Openness - the San Jose Mercury News Editorial Board asks the Governor and Ted Mitchell, outspoken above about LAUSD reform, to come clean about their agenda for California Ed Reform.

…and offers some excellent suggestions of their own in IT'S TIME TO MAKE SCIENCE A PRIORITY IN SCHOOLS.

In MAKING A PROFIT OFF KIDS the not usually muckraking Parade Magazine exposes the Giant Textbook Publishing Cartel and the Giant Standardized Testing Cartel as one and the same! (My words, not theirs.) Stand back Michael Moore and Upton Sinclair - there's a new sheriff in town!

And in SCHOOLS ARE NOT TRANSFORMERS, the AALA Update (the Principal's Union weekly newsletter) bemoans the parade of LAUSD Transformation/Innovation/Reforms of the Day.

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