Saturday, November 10, 2007

The news that didn't fit from Nov 11th!

NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND LOOKS TO BE STALLED: Bush and Kennedy had thought it would be reauthorized this year, but wrangling of friends and foes has stopped it.

Despite earlier optimism, the campaign to reauthorize the No Child Left Behind education law has stalled.

Not only has it not passed, no formal legislation has been introduced, and Sen. Edward M. Kennedy (D-Mass.), who has been working with President Bush on the issue, says it will not happen this year.


Raising school test scores in reading and math remains the biggest hurdle for No Child Left Behind, with many schools nationwide performing at less-than-acceptable levels, according to government proficiency tests.

But while districts scramble to improve on core subjects, educators say the latest subject to be left behind is arts education.

More Arts: THE MUSEUM TAKES A FIELD TRIP TO THE CLASSROOM: LACMA On-Site brings artists and art instruction to LAUSD campuses.

Armed with a $24-million special endowment, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art has begun what its leaders say will be a long-term campaign to help plant visual art instruction securely in county public schools.

WAS CARSON SCHOOL VOTE A LOST CHANCE?: A look back at a decision in 2001 against defecting from LAUSD shows that little, and much, has changed.

Six years ago last Tuesday Carson voters rejected a bid to carve out their own independent school system. Second guessers would like to guess again!

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