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The authentic local voice for Local Control Funding speaks out …but were they/will they/should they be heard?: LA UNIFIED STUDENTS ASK VLADOVIC TO USE “INDEX” FOR NEEDS

by Michael Janofsky, LA School Report |

Fremont High students, on their way to see LAUSD Board President Richard Vladovic

Fremont High students, on their way to see LAUSD Board President Richard Vladovic

Posted on April 30, 2014 2:50 pm ::  After weeks of trying, a group of students from Fremont High School finally got a meeting yesterday in the office of LA Unified Board President Richard Vladovic to promote their Special Need Index for use in the board budget negotiations.

Vladovic wasn’t there, they were told, but they presented a petition with 4,300 signatures to Chris Torres, his chief of staff, calling on the board to consider additional metrics of need when deciding how to distribute money in the 2014-2015 fiscal budget.

“We got the message through load and clear,” said Sandra Hamada, Director of Youth programs for Community Coalition, a group that helped develop the Index and is supporting the students in pressing for its use. “It’s the first big step in understanding how important this is to the students of south LA.”

A major consideration in the board’s budget debate this year is deciding how to spend money to help English learners, children from low-income families and students in foster care. The new state formula requires districts provide added support to those groups as a condition of receiving added funding this year.

Like all California school districts, LA Unified has a formula to determine where the money should go, but the Student Need Index uses added measures to assure a more comprehensive spending plan.

The students, whose school is in Vladovic’s board district, had been trying for weeks to arrange a meeting with him, with many of their phone calls going unanswered.

“Up until this week we have had a difficult time getting to his office, but we were pleasantly surprised by our interaction yesterday,” said Alberto Retana, executive vice president of the coalition. “We are excited that a door has been opened; it’s opportunity to engage one of our school board members with core constituencies in his district.”


2cents OK – a group of students organized by Community Coalition and bused to Beaudry may not exactly be a self-motivated independent grass roots student organization!

Community Coalition – with its Director of Youth Programs and Executive Vice President and Foundation sponsorship* – is an Astroturf group of concerned adults with an adult political  agenda – interchangeable with  CLASS and Families in Schools and Inner City Struggle, etc.  –  groups frankly aligned with the ®eform political agenda of the LA School Report

That said the student voice must be heeded. The lowest high school freshman has invested ten years of their lives in the system …they know what’s going on! 

I would hope that Dr. Vladovic and the Board of Ed takes the time and makes the effort and goes to the schools  to meet with these students and other students – without their minders and outside the realm of canned messages, photo ops and staged events – to listen  and have the discussion.

And yes, even that would be a political act – but politics is not a bad word!

*including the Sterling Foundation

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