Monday, May 12, 2014

FAMILIES IN SCHOOLS TWITTER PARTY THIS AFTERNOON: Parents are worth more than spare change! + smf’s 2¢

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Date: 05/11/2014 5:04 PM (GMT-08:00)
Subject: Reminder: Twitter Party 05/12 - Parents are worth more than spare change!

You are invited

Join the #Yes2Parents Twitter Party!
Monday, May 12th, 2014
12pm - 1pm
Hosted by @famsinschools

Did you know that LAUSD only spends 4 cents out of every $100 for parent trainings and workshops?  Families are worth more than spare change! Because we know that when parents are engaged, kids succeed. 

Join parents, educators, and parent advocates for a discussion on what LAUSD should do to improve the quality of parent engagement in our schools.

Just use the hashtag #Yes2Parents.

The individual or organization with the best responses will be eligible to win a $100 gift card.  Details to follow.

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2cents small I really don't think a Twitter Party makes much of an effort at Parent Engagement either …other than to create the impression thereof.

And if LAUSD only spends 4 cents out of every $100 on parent training & workshops, what exactly did FIS founder Maria Casillas do about it while she was in charge of the LAUSD Parent Community Services Branch? ….besides eliminate and/or cut funding to parent engagement/involvement programs, disband elected parent representative groups and piss off just about everyone? 

<< Superintendent Deasy and Families in Schools founder Maria Casillas

And if LAUSD’s budget is $6.8 billion, 4¢ out of every $100 still equals $2,720.000.!  Where is all that money going?

FIS is like one of Ollie North's 'off-the-shelf" resources - ready to swoop in in black helicopters to play the role of popular support.

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