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Letter to the Editor of the L.A. Times |

January 1, 2014

  • Re  George Skelton's column: "New Year's resolutions for Sacramento politicos / Dec 30 |

When George Skelton recommended that one of the governor's New Year's resolutions should be to stand up to labor and make it easier to fire "sorry teachers," I wondered if he and others have considered that this would also make it easier to fire the best teachers.

Tenure with due process is an important tool that empowers teachers to stand up to administrators and advocate for students and best practices without fear of arbitrary and capricious reprisal.

In short: The best teachers need tenure the most because they care the most.

If Skelton wants a better education system, he should advocate for the reforms that students, teachers and parents continue to ask for: smaller class sizes, more nurses and counselors, and hands-on science, music, art and physical education. Skelton should advocate to restore per-pupil expenditures to pre-Proposition 13 levels. He should advocate for free universal preschool for all students regardless of family income.

Joel Flores
Costa Mesa

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