Monday, May 02, 2016


by Carol Kocivar | Ed 100 | by email

Two simple words can make a difference to the teachers in your school: “Thank you.”

These two words alone may not solve the teacher shortage.

They may not be part of the public policy debate on how to recruit and retain high quality teachers.

They may not address the issue of teacher pay.

But for the teachers who work every day in our schools to help our children, “thank you” makes a world of difference.

Sometimes we forget that little things really count. It’s personal relationships that bring us together for the common good.

How to Thank a Teacher

You can do it with a simple handwritten note. (That really is my favorite.)  I remember the day I wrote my first "thank you" note to a teacher. My daughter was just completing kindergarten. I wanted her teacher to know my daughter looked forward to going to school almost every day.

So I wrote a short note-- thanking her for making my daughter's first year of school such a success.
Her teacher made a point of stopping me at school to let me know how much she appreciated the note.

A lesson learned about the importance of "Thank you"

More Ways to Say Thank You

For more ideas on how to say “Thank you” check out the California State PTA website:

Got an idea for how to thank a teacher? Send me a note at

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