Tuesday, March 29, 2016


 From Politico Morning Ed, via email

March 29, 2016  :: Sean Combs, the hip hop mogul (currently known as his stage name Puff Daddy or Puffy, and formerly known as his stage name Diddy and P. Diddy) , plans to open a charter school in New York City's Harlem this fall. The school, Capital Preparatory Harlem Charter School, will follow the model of Hartford, Conn.-based charter school Capital Preparatory Magnet, and it will be overseen by that school's founder, Steve Perry. 

●●  (Dr. Steve Perry Founder & Head of Schools for Capital Prep, hosted TVONE's Save My Son - MSNBC & CNN Education Contributor – which makes him a Cable T.V. Education Pundit – not to be confused with Steve Perry, lead singer of “Journey”)  

Combs, who was born in Harlem, said the school is a "dream come true." More: http://lat.ms/1PCOv7E

·         Teachers of the school's sixth and seventh graders will be called illuminators, new Principal Danita Jones said. "Illuminators literally ... coparent," Jones said. It entails calling parents every two weeks and setting aside time each day to check in on students' social-emotional needs.

  • ·         Diddy joins a long list of celebrities setting their sights on education: Fellow entertainer Pitbull opened a charter school in Miami in 2013 and has broken ground on another in Las Vegas, to open this fall. Tennis sensation Andre Agassi opened a charter school, also in his hometown of Las Vegas in 2009, and former NBA player Jalen Rose helped open a charter high school in his hometown of Detroit in 2011. NBA legend Magic Johnson and crooner Tony Bennett have also founded schools.

s●●  smf: Politico seems to have forgotten former NBA star Kevin Johnson, current mayor of Sacramento (and  Mr. Michelle Rhee)  - who founded St. Hope Public Schools. If you're wondering What could go wrong? - Google it!

  • ·         A big name doesn't guarantee success however. NFL star Deion Sanders' Texas charter school, Prime Prep Academy, closed last year, weighed down by debt and lawsuits. Will and Jada Pinkett Smith opened a private elementary school that closed in 2013 amid concerns the school may have been affiliated with Scientology.

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