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WILL THE JUNE ELECTION HAPPEN? K-14 Ed funding next year depends on lawmakers' decisions re: Gov. Brown's tax extension proposal + a June ballot measure.

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Right now, the news for education funding in California revolves around the willingness of state lawmakers to put a measure on the June ballot that asks voters to extend current taxes. Meanwhile, districts throughout the state are developing two budgets: one if voters pass tax extensions in June and one if they do not.

This EdSource page features links to the headlines and the commentary as California's leaders and citizens consider this crucial issue. It also catalogs stories from throughout the state that document the impact the continuing budget crisis is having on public education and the students it serves.

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Dan Morain: If GOP succeeds in stopping ballot measure, then what?

Opinion: You have to marvel at the Republicans. Seemingly unaware that they're not the big dog, Republican legislators so far have flummoxed Jerry Brown, the most experienced governor ever to hold that office, as he tries to solve the state's deficit-ridden budget.

Brown's Countdown, Day 74: Governor wants proposals from GOP | The Sacramento Bee ~ 3/24/2011

Budget talks remained at an apparent impasse Wednesday, with time running out and Gov. Jerry Brown complaining that he has yet to receive a list of demands from the Republican lawmakers with whom he is speaking.

Poll shows declining support for Brown tax proposal | California Watch ~ 3/24/2011

More than eight in 10 Californians agree that the state's budget presents a serious looming problem, but fewer than half believe Gov. Jerry Brown's proposed tax extensions are the right way to fix it, according to a Public Policy Institute of California poll released Wednesday night.

Funding reform out of the ashes | Educated Guess ~ 3/24/2011

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