Monday, December 22, 2008

Correction: The once and future supe.

In ‘The once and future supe’ (12/21) 4LAKids wrote:

“There was an announcement that Cortines would stay in his lower floor office - avoiding the 24th floor at Beaudry - the power center of the puzzle palace - altogether. But by Friday it was conceded that he would occupy the superintendent's corner suite with its (2001) controversial private rest room and panoramic view of Belmont/Vista Hermosa/Roybal, Dodger Stadium, City Hall, and the "skate board ramp" at the High School for the Arts. Sometimes the cost of symbolic change exceeds the cost benefit analysis.”

In a message dated 12/21/2008 8:05:21 P.M. Pacific Standard Time, district staff wrote:

FYI, Mr. Cortines will move to the 24th floor because it is the most economical and efficient use of the space in the building.  He has not agreed to use the Superintendent's office as his workspace.  The Superintedent's Office will be used as a conference room and Mr. Cortines will occupy another office on the 24th floor. 

smf writes: Thank you - correction noted and apologies for any misunderstanding, under-or-over interpretation.  Sometimes the tea leaves are just leftover from making tea - other times they require dressing as Indians and dumping into the Harbour. 

4LAKids certainly concurs with Mr. Cortines’ decision to be on the 24th floor as the most economical and efficient use of use of space, assets and resources: capital and human. And it will probably solve wear and tear on the elevators.

I always figured that the panoramic view of Belmont LC was a constant galling reminder to Superintendent Romer of  human folly. Roy is such a lookie-loo - the static view of nothing happening was probably the greatest impetus possible for onward momentum!

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