Saturday, August 05, 2006

Connecting the dots . . .

RE: AB 1381 - AS A MEMBER OF THE BOND OVERSIGHT COMMITTEE – with oversight of the District's $19.1 Billion Construction and Modernization Program – I see other issues. An appointed superintendent negotiating and awarding construction contracts without oversight invites malfeasance; the involving of local politicians from the Council of Mayors in this leads the easily-tempted into the toy store with someone else's credit card.

The reported abuse in the Capistrano School District is a cautionary tale [LA Times 8/5: "More Dubious Links Found at Capistrano School District"]; the allegations of impropriety and political favoritism at the City of LA Building Department [LA Times 8/5: "Building Unit to Be Probed"] bring it all much closer to home.

But it isn’t politicians in court or jail that worries me; it's kids without classrooms they've been promised, their parents voted for and the taxpayers paid for. - smf

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