Thursday, August 23, 2012


Remarks by Scott Folsom, Member of the California State PTA Board of Managers at press conference announcing LAUSD’s support for Proposition 38 in front of Glenfeliz Elementary School on Wednesday Aug 22nd.

I am here, representing California State PTA and Los Angeles Tenth District PTA – and 31st District - our sister PTA district in the Dan Fernando valley – PTA in L.A. – to thank the LAUSD Board of Education for their support of Proposition 38 – The Our Children, Our Future Initiative

Prop 38 is the only measure on the November ballot where 100% of the revenues go to schools – Pre-K to twelfth grade. Local schools. Neighborhood schools. Our schools. Not Sacramento. Not other state programs.

To schools – based on enrollment to improve educational outcomes. Arts and Music programs. Class size reduction. Bringing teachers and nurses and librarians back.

Locally determined needs; determined at the school site.

Here at Glenfeliz Elementary Prop 38 will bring $474,000 in the first year: $824.000 i, 2017-18 and $1,114,000 in the final year of the temporary tax increases in 2023-24.  All money above and beyond the state’s minimum guarantee.

Prop 38 Guarantees:

1. The legislature CANNOT touch the money – and cannot use the new money to replace funds schools already receive.

2. The funding MUST go to every school on a per-pupil basis – and must be spent at the school.

3. The money CANNOT be used to increase salaries or benefits.

4. Spending decisions WILL BE MADE LOCALLY – following public input.

5. School districts WILL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE for spending and meeting annual goals.

We in PTA helped write Prop 38 – and we support and approve it because Prop 38 supports Our Special Interests – the Nine Million Children of California.

Please join with us – and LAUSD – and the California School Boards Association – and parents and teachers and administrators who have read Prop 38 – because the more you know about Prop 38 the better you will like Prop 38: The Our Children, Our Future Initiative.

What will your school get with Prop 38?

Arts, Music, Science; a Librarian, a School Nurse? A Smart Board? Books, Technology, Smaller Class Size?

You, The School Community will decide how to spend the money.

And what your school will get with Prop 38 is Better!


Prop 38: Our Children, Our Future - sponsored by The Advancement Project + California State PTA - will give California Schools an additional $6 Billion for the 2013-2014 school year.

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