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THE SKY HAS FALLEN: Next Year's Budget – 0r - Chicken Little served up by Colonel Sanders

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…OK, it's not that bad. This is the preliminary first-cut at a very ugly budget for very ugly times – a pro-forma as required by law. And the second play in a game of brinkmanship by the District in union contract negotiations – the first being securing agreement to furlough days from small unions that have have no bargaining chips.

In business school (and real life) you learn to never allow budget talks and union contract negotiations to overlap. But the number of business school graduates on the 24th floor of Beaudry (that aren't outside consultants) is improbably zero.

As UTLA president A.J. Duffy put it: "Today contract negotiations began."  On a sour note in the key of F.

ON ANOTHER FRONT  US Education Secretary Arne Duncan summoned Superintendent Cortines and President Duffy – and seven other pairs of urban superintendents and teachers union presidents -  to D.C. on Monday for a little confab, heart-to-heart and "come-to-Arne".  Hearing from those folks must've been an eye-opener for Duncan – he hears a little too much from the Bill Gate's, Steve Barr's and Eli Broad's of this world. While both said the meeting was good, they came away with no promises and certainly no assurances of more federal money for public education in LA.

And perhaps more telling, they traveled separately and and had no contact outside the Dept. of Education.


AS PART OF THE COST SAVINGS Superintendent Cortines has proposed closing, eliminating or consolidating all schools of less than 400 students – even while acknowledging that may of these schools have some of the highest  APIs – formerly the Great Indicator of Success.

Apparently the Bottom Line is now the GIOS.

This means that schools like Ivanhoe ES (354 students, 917 API), Mount Washington ES  (345 students, 898 API), Fairburn Ave. ES (388 students, 957 API),  and Valley View ES (218 students, 827 API) are on the chopping block.

Ann Street School (146 students, 97% economically disadvantaged,754 API) , a gem that serves kids in an isolated housing project surrounded by industrial warehouses north of Chinatown  is do0med.

Remember the Small Schools Resolution?  So do I.

A 2006 research review of relevant studies of school size found:

  • On average, research indicates that an effective size for an elementary school is in the range of 300-400 students.
  • Academic Achievement - Student achievement in small schools is at least equal, and often superior, to student achievement in large schools.
    Student Attitudes
  • Student attitudes toward school in general and toward particular subjects are better in small schools compared to large ones.
    Student Behavior
  • Small schools have lower incidences of negative social behavior than do large schools.
  • Effects on Minority and Low-Income Students - The effects of small schools on the academic achievement of ethnic minority students and students from low-income families are especially positive. In other words, large schools have a more negative impact on minority and low-income students than on students in general.
  • School size has a particularly strong influence on student attitudes about school among low-income and minority students.
  • The social behavior of ethnic minority and low-income students is even more positively impacted by small schools than that of other students.



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