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I thought you might be interested in the memo that came out of UTLA.  Though it seems they have talked them down from 20 furlough days, it still looks like they want to give teachers and students at least 10 days.

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UTLA Fax to Chapter Chairs |


May 10, 2011

UTLA is in negotiations with LAUSD to restore positions, save programs, and protect against harmful class size increases. Here is the latest news from the table.

• LAUSD is asking for double-digit furlough days for next year

Furlough days for next school year are on the table. At the start of talks, LAUSD was asking for the equivalent of 20 days for next year. UTLA is pushing back and has moved that number down, but the number of furloughs that LAUSD is asking for is still in the double digits.

UTLA’s priority is to reach a fair agreement that addresses the critical importance of saving colleagues’ jobs and stabilizing schools while minimizing the economic sacrifices of our members. UTLA also has been consistently demanding that LAUSD do more to cut nonessential spending and send all available monies to school sites.

• UTLA presses for every penny of this year’s furlough days to be used to restore programs and positions

There will be four furlough days at the end of this school year. The loss of pay is a financial sacrifice for LAUSD employees, who are all taking furlough days.

The furlough days will save LAUSD $60 million, and UTLA is pressing for those funds to be used exclusively to rescind RIFs for teachers and health and human services professionals.

• Revised state budget to be released mid-May

Governor Brown will be unveiling an updated state budget early next week. With state revenue falling significantly below projections, his budget will likely contain more bad news for public schools. UTLA will resist any LAUSD attempt to delay negotiations in anticipation of the budget news. With so many jobs on the line, it is imperative that progress on an agreement not be slowed down.

UTLA’s priority is to restore positions, save programs and protect class size.

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